Apply for 2b2t Rangers

DonFuer joined 2b2t in November 2016. Many of DonFuer's best bases have been on this server, including DonFuer 10, 11, 12, 18, 20, 21, and 22! Although its been through many ups and downs, the 2b2t DonFuer branch is the flagship of the group!

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Apply for PhoenixAnarchy

The Donfuer PhoenixAnarchy branch is the best for those who seek an anarchy experience but also want access to new features. PhoenixAnarchy is the biggest 1.18 anarchy server and averages 30-40 players on at a time, even maintaining 20 tps despite having a non-strict anticheat.

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Apply for 9b9t

After an extended absence from 9b9t, Donfuer is back and ready for more. This server is best for those who want to play on an anarchy server with us, without as much group complexity as our 2b2t branch.

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