D_loaded and Ben built the first Don Fuer on Ben's server while attempting to take back Ben's city from the Highwaymen, a rival group.

A second Don Fuer was built on the ruins of the city, but was eventually found. After a map reset, a third DonFuer was built to function as a main area for the new map.

DonFuer 4 was built underground on Ben's server. To protect it, a decoy town was built on the surface and was renamed to DonFuer 5 once it grew bigger than DonFuer 4.

DonFuer 6 was built on a small factions server next to an allied faction. After it was griefed, D_loaded rebuilt it in a single weekend, calling it DonFuer 7.

DonFuer 7 DonFuer 7


DonFuer had a branch on 2b2t and a branch on AnarchyHeroes, HermeticLock's server. DonFuer 9 was griefed in a "civil war" between its 2b2t and AnarchyHeroes members.

DonFuer 10 was built on 2b2t, but was eventually griefed by Babbaj while HermeticLock was touring the base.

DonFuer 11 was created, but then abandoned when HermeticLock started the Spawn Masons. After DonFuer 12, Donfuer moved to a small factions server called IcedMC.

DonFuer 13 was built on IcedMC, but the server owner griefed the city after a DonFuer member called Dragonworm built a watercube at spawn.

DonFuer moved back to AnarchyHeroes, and after a server-wide "revolution" mostly consisting of older players, the "rebels" apologized and joined Donfuer.

DonFuer moved to AMC and built DonFuer 15. It was eventually griefed by a member after losing a supcom game.

DonFuer 17 was built on a server called GeoCraft and was notable enough to become a warp hub for its region.

After DonFuer left GeoCraft, it became inactive. D_loaded promoted many people, but the group did not recover and D_loaded disbanded DonFuer.

DonFuer 9 DonFuer 9 DonFuer 12 DonFuer 12 DonFuer 17 DonFuer 17


After a short break, D_loaded returned to 2b2t and joined the Spawn Masons. As the solo builder of their base, he decided to call it Donfuer 18.

A FitMC video was made about DonFuer and the Spawn Masons and afterwards, HermeticLock and D_loaded created the Guardsmen.

Leaders of Donfuer rebuilt the group and moved to DestroyMC. Donfuer and allied group Deadwood built a group base, however, Donfuer's elders decided to grief the base after Deadwood's intentions became clearer.

D_loaded and Dragonworm built several new bases on 2b2t, most notably Chongfuer, and the group was revived on 2b2t.

Donfuer DMC moved to NetherAnarchy, but had to abandon Donfuer 19 and move to PhoenixAnarchy when NetherAnarchy shut down.

Donfuer 20 was built on 2b2t, but was leaked to the Spawn Masons. Over a long period of time, they harassed the base members until they eventually griefed the base.

Due to popular demand, Donfuer 2b2t started recruiting through Spawn Rangers, a separate division. As the division grew, Zeiss and volker1 were promoted to help manage things.

D_loaded started a new branch on Stoneworks, a geopolitical roleplaying server that was very different from where the group was. While it had a rough start, it eventually survived and grew enough to rival other branches.

Donfuer 21 was built on 2b2t, and was one of the only Donfuer bases to have a mostly modern theme.

DonFuer 18 Donfuer 18 The FitMC video


Donfuer 22, the biggest Donfuer base ever, was built after the Nocom exploit was patched. It was griefed by former members who used the infamous Log4Shell exploit to hack a group member.

DonFuer 22 Donfuer 22
DonFuerian Hitting Rod

DonFuerian Hitting Rod

DonFuerian flag

DonFuer flag

Sigil of DonFuer

DonFuer Sigil